Finger Lakes Regional Artists List

The following is a list of known European/American trained artists (painters) of the Finger Lakes area of Central New York State covering the very late 18th C. to about the middle of the 20th C. (1790-1960). The list will be added to as more is known however my feeling is that many will not be known and, on the contrary, most will just continue to fade off into the past.

The list was originally started from the West Lake Conservators data base of paintings, watercolors and drawings treated since 1975 and has additions from artists known to local historical societies and museums from Rochester to Utica and south through the Lakes to Auburn, Ithaca and beyond.

studio_s5The list also contains information from Cayuga County History 1789-1879, Who Was Who in American Art, New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of Artists in America and the research of Dr. Howard S. Merritt of the University of Rochester.

Charles Loring Elliott in Sanford Thayer’s Studio – Onondaga Historical Association, Syracuse, NY. Painting by George K. Knapp


Acker, Rose 20th C., CNY Rochester
Ackerman, Rev. Howard C. CNY, Syracuse
Adams, Anna Warren 1923- CNY, Naples, Honeoye
Adams, Emma ?-1900 CNY, Oswego
Addison, Wilfred John 1890-? CNY, Syracuse
Allen, Edward – early 19th C.; 1841-43 in Penn Yan N.Y.
Allen, Luther 1780-1821 CNY, Ithaca
Altschule, Hilda CNY, Rochester
Ames, Ezra 1768-1836 CNY, Rochester, Albany
Armstrong, D. Maitland 1836-1918 NYC; CNY, NYC, Utica(?)
Arnold, George 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Atwater, Lydia 1859-1940 CNY Canandaigua
Audy, Roy 19th C. CNY, Rochester
Avery, Ralph H. 1906 – 1976, CNY, Maine, Rochester

Backus, Lulu Scott 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Bailey, Merrill 1909-1981, Cazenovia
Baker, Isaac C. 19th C. Rochester, Albany
Baker, Mary Jane Park 1845-1920, CNY, Farmington
Baker, W.C. mid. 20th C. CNY, Ithaca
Bannister, Marshall 1816-1844, Phelps, CNY
Barber, Mollie E. 19th-20th C., CNY, Syracuse
Barnes, Philip 20th C. ?, CNY, Clyde; Savannah

Barney, Frank A. 1862 – 1954, Auburn, NY also France (Normandy 1896); Estes Park, Colorado, 1919. Frank A. Barney is our best known American Impressionist from the eastern Finger Lakes, Cayuga County area.

Barrow, John Dodgson 1824 – 1906, Skaneateles, NY. John Barrow traveled widely and also painted in the Adirondacks, the White Mts. of New Hampshire and at Appledore Island and had a studio for 20 years in New York City.

Barrett, Alpheus 1806 – 1876, CNY; Jefferson Co.
Bartholomew, George c.1850 Ithaca
Bartlett, William Henry 1809-1854, CNY; Canada, London; NYC
Bartlett, LeRoy 1911, CNY, Rochester
Beal, Harold S. CNY, Rochester
Beardsley, Jefferson 19th C., CNY, Ithaca
Beauchamp, Rev. William M. 19th C., CNY; Onondaga Co., Syracuse; Skaneateles
Beckwith, Emma Hinsdale CNY, Syracuse
Beecher, Amariah Dwight 1839 – ?, CNY, Avon Springs; Rochester
Bemis, Elizabeth, 19th C. CNY, Auburn
Bemis, Fannie, 19th C. CNY, Auburn
Bemus, Mary B. 1849-1944 Canandaigua
Bieber, Jack 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Bisbee, J. c1834-1850 Rochester
Bisby, Hiram 1834, CNY; Rochester
Bishop, Harold S. 1884 -, CNY, Rochester; Syracuse;
Black, William T. c 1810 Rochester, Philadelphia
Bliss, Harry J. 1923- , Rochester, Pittsford
Boeardman, W. G. c 1843-1844 Rochester
Bond, Milton E. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Booth, Nina Mason 20th C., CNY, Batavia
Boss, Philip 19th C. (early), CNY, Rochester
Bowdish, Edward Romaine 1856 -1938, Skaneateles, Yonkers
Bowdish, Nelson S. 1831 – 1916, CNY; Skaneateles
Bowman, James 1793 – 1842, CNY; Penn., Rochester; Pittsburgh; Boston; Montreal
Bowman, Charlot 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Bracker, Charles E. 1895 -, CNY, Rochester
Bradish, Alvah 1806 – 1901, CNY; Michigan; Auburn; Rochester; Fredonia; Detroit
Bragdon, Claude Fayette, 1866-1946 CNY; NYC ; Rochester, Buffalo, NYC
Bragger, Charles T. 1853-1887, Watertown, NY
Brauner, Olaf Martinus 1869 – 1947, CNY; Northeast, Ithaca; Appledore
Brent, Henry Johnson 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Bricher, Alfred T. 1837-1908, NYC; CNY, NYC
Bridport, Hugh 19th C., CNY, Canandaguia
Brigham, Charlotte H. CNY, Syracuse
Brigham, Adelle C. CNY, Syracuse
Bristol, John Bunyon 1826-1909, NYC; CNY, NYC
Brodhead, George H. 1860 – 1940, CNY; Maine, Rochester
Brokow, D. (David) 19th C., CNY; Ohio, Rochester area
Brown, Bruce Robert 1938 -, CNY; Penn., Rochester
Brown, John G. (J.G.) 1831-1913, NYC, NYC
Brown, M. E. D. c.1810 – 1896, CNY; NYC, Utica; NY City
Browne, Richard 20thC., CNY, Rochester
Bruce, William 1861 – 1911, CNY, Auburn
Brumbach, Louise Upton 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester; Gloucester
Buchterkirch, Armin 1859 – 1921?, CNY, Rochester
Buck, William, Donald (Related?) 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Bull, Charles Livingston 1874 – 1932, CNY;, Rochester
Bullard, Otis A. 1816 -1853, CNY; NYC,
Bath; Steuben County; Howard Village
Bunner, Andrew Fisher 1841-1897, NYC; CNY, NYC
Burger, Arthur W. 1913, CNY, Rochester
Bush, Norton 1834 – 1894, CNY; California, Rochester; SF
Butler, Herman John 1882 -, CNY, Rochester
Buttre, John Chester 1821 Auburn -, CNY; NYC, Auburn; New York City

Cameron, Elizabeth Harris CNY, Syracuse
Cantwell, James 1856 – 1926, CNY, France, Holland, Amber; Syracuse
Cardin, Satie Vivienne CNY, Syracuse
Carpenter, Fletcher H. 1879 -, CNY, Rochester
Carpenter, Marciana M. 19th C., CNY, Cortland
Carpenter, Francis B. 1830 – 1900, CNY, Homer; NYC; Syracuse
Carter, Fernando A. 1855 – 1931, CNY, Syracuse;
Carter, Dennis Malone 1827-1881, NYC, NYC
Casilear, John 1811-1893 Genesee Valley
Cassebeer, Walter H. 1884 – 1931+, CNY, Rochester
Cassio, Manon c1840 Canandaigua
Castle-Keith, W. CNY; Holland, Syracuse
Catlin 19th C. (early), CNY, Rochester
Chamberlain, A. B. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Chambers, Elinor 1909-1995 Rochester, N. Bloomfield
Chambers, Thomas 1808 -? CNY Rochester, Albany
Chapin, Lucy Grosvenor CNY, Syracuse
Chapman, John Linton 1839? – 1905, CNY; NYC, Syracuse
Childress CNY, Syracuse
Church, Irving Porter 1858-1931, CNY, Ithaca
Clarkson, Evelyn 20th C., CNY; Cape Cod, Ithaca; Orlean
Clements, Alling McK 1891 -1957, CNY; NYC, Rochester; Irondequoit
Cleveland, James 1811 – after 1859, CNY; Mass., Rochester
Clough, George Lafayette 1824 – 1901, Auburn; CNY; Adirondacks; NYC
Clubb, John Scott 1875 -, CNY, Rochester
Clute, Edward C. 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Coffin, Frederick M. 1822 Nantucket, CNY, Auburn; Sennett
Colby, Eugene C. 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Cole, Thomas 1801 – 1848, NYC; Catskills; CNY, Painted in Genesee Valley
Cole, Jr., Seth 1829-1903 CNY, Wayne County; South America, New Bedford MA
Collins (?), CNY, Syracuse
Colman, Jr., Samuel 1832 – 1920, CNY; NYC; RI; Genesee Valley, NYC; Newport
Comfort, George Fisk 1834 – 1910, CNY, Syracuse
Conant, A.J. (?) (Alban Jasper) 1821 -1915, CNY; NYC, Syracuse;Troy
Converse, Luthera 18??- 1902, CNY, Ellisburg, NY (Jefferson Co.- Watertown)
Converse, Robert 1892-1972 Naples
Cook, George E. 19th-20th C., CNY; Europe, Norwich, NY
Cook, Edward Taber CNY, Syracuse
Cook, Nelson 1808-1892, CNY; Saratoga, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Toronto
Coolidge, Cassius M. 1844-1934, Antwerp (NY), Brooklyn and other various and sundry locations.
Cooper, Emma Lampert 1855 – 1920, CNY; France; Holland; California, Rochester; NYC; Pittsford
Cooper, Colin Campbell 1856-1937, Penn.; NYC; NY; West US, Rochester; Taos NM
Cowles, Isa CNY, Syracuse
Crandall, Fred 1859-1921 CNY, Finger Lakes, Canandaguia
Cranstone, James Lefevre 19th C., CNY; London; Australia, Utica; Buffalo
Cropsey, Jasper Francis 1823-1900, NYC; NJ; CNY: HR, NYC;
Crossett, Sidney 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Crothers, David T. 1906-1967 Rochester, Bristol Hills
Culver, Byron G. 1894 -, CNY, Rochester
Culverhouse, John Mengels (Mongles) 1821- 1890’s, CNY; NYC, Syracuse; NYC
Cummings, M. M. 19th C., CNY; Great Lakes, Oswego; Fulton
Cummings, William A. CNY, Syracuse
Cummings, Ruth Reed 1900 – 1973, CNY, Marcellus
Cunningham, Kathleen McEnery (McInerney) 1885-1971, NYC; CNY, Rochester
Curtis, Clarence H. CNY, Baldwinsville

DaLee, Justus c1840-1841 Rochester
Dallas, Robert F. CNY, Syracuse
Daly, Norman 1911 – , Ithaca, Paris, Oberlin OH
Darby, Henry F. c. 1831 – ?, CNY; DC; England, Utica
Darling, David T. 1891-1958 Canandaigua
Davenport, Edmund 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Davies, Thomas, 18th C., CNY – Lake Ontario,
Davies, Arthur B. 1862-1928, Utica; NYC
Davis, Charles Harold 1856-1933; Summers – Glen Haven, Skaneateles Lake
Davis, Mattie L. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
De Haas, Mauritz F. H. 1832 – 1895, CNY; Holland; NYC, Hamilton; NYC
De Luce, Percival 1847-1914, NYC, NYC
DeFoy, F.R. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Delattre, Henry 1801 – 1867, CNY; Genesee Valley
Dennis, Rev. James Hogarth 1834-1914, CNY; Maine; Italy, Rochester
Dewey, Charles Melville, 1849-1937, CNY, Rochester; NYC; Paris
Diamond, Lillie Belle CNY, Syracuse
Dickinson, William 1816, CNY, Auburn
Dillaye, Blanche 1851 – 1931, CNY; Penn., Syracuse; Phila.
Doremus, Robert 20th C., CNY, Union Springs
Dorrance, W.H. CNY; NYC, Syracuse
Dove, Arthur G. 1880 – 1946, Seneca Lake, Geneva; NYC, Paris
Dryer, Harwood B. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Dryer, Rufus 1880-1937, CNY; NYC; France; Spain, Geneva NY; Paris
Dumble, A.E. 19th C. 1878, CNY, Rochester
Dumond, Frank Vincent 1865 – 1951, CNY, Rochester; NYC
Dunlap, C.M. CNY, Syracuse
Dunlap, William 19th C, CNY, Utica; Rochester
Dunn, Emelene Abby 1859-1929., CNY; NYC, Rochester; NYC
Durand, Asher B. 1796 – 1886, NYC; Genesee Valley, Geneseo; NYC
Dutcher, Libbie ? – 1923, CNY; Thousand Islands, Rochester
Duvall, Fanny Eliza 1861-1939, CNY; Paris; California, LA; Paris

Easton, Spencer 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Eddy, Robert 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Edell, Walter 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Edwards, Martha Stanwood CNY, Syracuse
Edwards, Hildegarde 1930’s-1950’s, CNY, Skaneateles, Syracuse
Eggleston, Edward M.1887 -, CNY, Rochester
Ehrich, William 1897-1960, Germany; CNY, Koenigsberg; Buffalo; Rochester
Eights, James 1798-1882, CNY; Capital Dist., Along Erie Canal; Albany
Eilmour(?) CNY, Syracuse
Elliott, Charles Loring 1812 – 1868, CNY; NYC, Auburn; Skaneateles; Syracuse
Ellis, Harvey 1852 – 1904, CNY; Midwest;, Albany; Rochester; Syracuse; St.Paul
Elsey, Marjorie, 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Elvie, June,, CNY, Syracuse
Elwood, Marguerite, 1913, CNY, Rochester
Evershed, Thomas 19th C., CNY, Rochester

Fabry, Tillman 19th C. (late), CNY, Rochester
Faint, Benona J. & George c1866-1873 Rochester
Fairman, James 1826 – 1904, CNY; NYC, Syracuse; NY City
Falconer, John M. 1820-1903, NYC, NYC
Falkner, Barry, 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Fenn, Elbridge J. 19th C. 20th C., CNY, Skaneateles; Syracuse
Fielding, J.D. mid 19thC. CNY; Rochester
Fish, Clinton G. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Fleischmann, Marian M. 1923- Naples, Bristor
Forbes, J. Colin 19th – 20th C., CNY, Canandaigua, Ithaca, Syracuse; Penn Yan
Fordham, George c1855 Rochester
Forkel, Christopher 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Foster, Audrey Marseilles 1908-1999 Canandaigua
Frey, Carl K. 19th C., CNY, Utica
Friedricks, Charles 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Fuechsel, Herman 1833-1915, CNY, NYC
Fuertes, Louis Agassiz 1874-1927, Ithaca, NY – noted bird & wildlife artist.

Gale, T. C. 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Gardner, Adelaide Morris 1898-, CNY, Jamesville; Syr.; NYC
Gardner, Fred 1880-, CNY, Jamesville; Syr; NYC
Garfield, Marjorie 1904-1993, CNY; Iowa, Syracuse
Gaudriot, Henri 20th C. Rochester,Paris
Gaudriot, Yvonne 1906-?, Rochester, Paris, Southern France
Gauntt, Jefferson 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Gay, Edward 1837-1928, NYC; CNY, NYC
Gaylord, Eleanor H. 1902- , Rochester, Rockport Ma.
Gebhardt, Charles c1863-1865 Rochester
George, S. Edgar 19th – 20th C., CNY, Auburn
George, S. 19th C. 1856, CNY, Erie Canal
Gifford, Mr.&Mrs.William B. 19th C., CNY; Venice, Italy, Aurora; Cayuga; NYC
Gilbert, Grove Sheldon 1805 – 1885, CNY;, Rochester
Giles, Philander CNY, Syracuse
Gitelman, Belle S. 1902-1995 Rochester, NYC
Gohl, Edward Heinrich 1862 -, CNY; France, Auburn
Goldsmith, Deborah 1808-1836, CNY; Madison Co., North Brookfield
Gooding, William C. 19th C., CNY, Canandaguia
Goodwin, Richard La Barre 1840 – 1910, CNY; NYC; Illinois; Western US, Syracuse; Rochester; Chicago;
Goodwin, Edwin Weyburn 1800 – 1845, CNY; Albany, Auburn; Ithaca, Syracuse
Gordon, J. Stanley 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Gorsline, Douglas 1913-, CNY; China, Rochester
Gould, Jane Loomis 1927-2000 Naples, Rochester
Grant, Charles Henry 1866 – 1938, CNY; Great Lakes; Calif.; Australia, Oswego; SF
Greene, Helen CNY, Syracuse
Grover, Frederick S. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Gruppe, Charles P. 1860 – 1950, CNY; Holland; Rockport, Rochester
Gruppe, Emile Albert 1896 – 1978, CNY; Mass, Rochester; Rockport, Gloucester
Gruppe, Karl 1893 -, CNY; NYC, Rochester; NY City
Gruppe Quirk, Virginia Helena 1907 -1980, CNY, Rochester; Murray
Guy, Seymour J. 1824-1910, NYC, CNY

Habicher, Sebastian c1805-? Rochester
Hale, Benjamin F. c.1859-1861 Rochester
Hallings, Roy 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Hamner-Croughton, George 1843 – 1920, CNY;, Rochester
Harding, Chester 1792 – 1866, CNY; Cazenovia, Massachusetts
Harding, Horace 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Harris, E. Landseer 1859 -1902, CNY; Europe, Rochester
Harris, James 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Harvey, George 1800 – 1878, CNY; NYC; England, Along Erie Canal; London; NYC
Hart, Katherine Buell 1838-1926 Canandaigua
Hartmann, Hanna H. c1866-1873 Rochester
Haskell, G.A (J. A) CNY, Syracuse
Haskill, Joseph 1808-1894, CNY; Troy; NYC; Michigan, Auburn; Syracuse
Hassam, Childe 19th -20th C., CNY; NYC, Rochester(?)
Hatch, George Whitfield 19th C., CNY; NYC, Auburn; New York City
Haushalter, George M. 1862 – 1943, CNY; Penn.; Europe, Rochester;
Havens, James D., 1900 – 1960, CNY, Fairport
Hawley, Carl T. b. 1873 -, CNY; Penn., Montrose Pa.; Syracuse
Henn, Walter R. 1916-1999 Rochester
Henry, Edward Lamson 1841-1919, CNY; Southeastern NY State., Ellenville;
Herber, Carl A. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Herdle, George L. 1868 – 1922, CNY, Rochester
Herzberg, Constantine 1833-1919, CNY; NYC; Germany, Auburn; NYC
Hicks, Marjorie 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Hicks, Thomas 1823-1890, CNY; Penn, Utica; Trenton Falls
Hill, Roswell Stone b. 1861 – 1907, CNY; Cape Cod, Syracuse; Provincetown
Hill, John William 1812-1879, CNY;, Rochester; NYC
Hilliard, William Henry 1836-1905 Rochester, Boston
Hinds, Paul, 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Hofmann, Robert 1889 -, CNY; Middle East; Australia; Europe, Syracuse; Melbourne Aust.
Hoftrup, Lars 1874 – 1954, CNY; New Brunswick; Sweden, Elmira; Pine City
Holm, Milton H. 1903-, CNY, Rochester
Hooker, Helen B. 19th-20th C., CNY, Rochester
Hope, James 1818/19 – 1892, Vermont,Montreal,NYC, CNY, Fairhaven, West Rutland, NYC, Watkins Glen
Hopkins, M. W. (Milton William) 1789 -1844, CNY; Conn.;Jefferson County NY, Albion; Pompey; Watertown; LeRay, Evans Mills
Horn, Charles C. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Horsford, E. N.,19th C., CNY, Portageville
Horter, Earl 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Hottis, M. 19th -20th C., CNY, Rochester
Howard, Doris 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Howland, Alfred Cornelius 1838-1909, NYC; Europe; Mass., NYC; Williamstown Ma.
Hoyt, Whitney F. 1910-1980, CNY, Rochester
Hubbard, Richard L. 1903-1993, CNY, Cazenovia
Humphrey, Maude 19th -20th C., CNY; NYC, Rochester
Huntley, Symanthia 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Hutchens, Frank Townsend 1869-1937 Canandaigua, Syracuse, Unadilla
Hutchins, Margaret 1897- ?, CNY; NYC; France, Geneva; (Rose Hill); Keuka Lake

Inglis, John J. 1867 – 1946, CNY; Ireland, Rochester; Dublin
Inman, Henry CNY; NYC, Utica; NY City

Jack, Alexander 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Jeffrey, Agnes,19th C., CNY, Canandaguia, Rochester
Jenkins, Charles Waldo 1821 – 1895, CNY, Auburn, Syracuse, Utica, NYC
Johannot, Carl 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Johnson, David 1827 – 1908, Genesee Valley, NYC Trenton Falls, Roch?
Jones, Alfred 1819-1900, NYC, CNY, NYC
Jones, Frederick Eastman b.? active 1878-1891, CNY, Rochester, NYC
Jones, Seth C. 1853 – 1929, CNY; Europe, Rochester, Linden
Jones, Thomas H. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Jones, William Owen CNY, Syracuse

Kaelber, Carl F. W.19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Katz, Theodore NY, Syracuse
Kellogg, Daniel J. mid 19C., CNY; Rochester
Kennedy, T. J. (Terrance) 1820 – after Civil War, CNY, Auburn, Troy
Kensett, John F. 1816 – 1872, NYC; CNY; Genesee Valley Towns
Kent, Norman Howe 1903 -1969, CNY; Penn., Rochester; Pittsburgh
Kent, Ada Howe 1858 – 1942, CNY; California, Rochester; Carmel
Kent, Frank Ward 1912-1977, CNY, Utah, Syracuse, Salt Lake City
Keys, Mary 19th C., CNY, Lockport
Kimble, Colby 19th C., CNY, Rochester
King, George W. 1836-1922; CNY; NYC; NJ; Western US; Penn; Syracuse; Utica; Oswego; Eaglewood
King, George Clinton 1859 -, CNY, Rochester
Kingsbury, Alison Mason 1898-1988 Ithaca, NYC,
Kinne CNY, Syracuse
Kinney, Troy 1871 -1938, CNY, Rochester(?)
Kinsley, Jessie Catherine 1858-1938 CNY, Oneida Community, Oneida NY
Kip, M. D. 19th C., Genesee Valley, Roch?
Kittell, Nicholas Biddle 1822 -1894, CNY; NYC, Auburn; Norwich; NY City
Kliman CNY, Syracuse
Knapp, George Kasson 1833 – 1910, CNY; NYC, Syracuse; Auburn
Knapp, Jehu b.1801 -, CNY, Auburn
Kneeland, Roy C. 1917, CNY, Rochester
Knickerbocker, Leland 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Knight, Clayton 1891 -, CNY, Rochester
Knight, Louis Aston 1873 – 1948, France; CNY, Paris; Rochester
Kubiny, Kalman 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Kunkely ? CNY,

Ladendorf, Frank H. CNY, Syracuse
LaMirande, William,, CNY, Syracuse
Landow, Regina 19th -20th C., CNY, Rochester
Landow, Dorthea 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Lansing, Winifred 1911-, CNY, Rochester
Lapp, Elmer R. & Marjorie Hicks 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Law, Pauline Elizabeth 1908 – 1985?, CNY – NYC, NYC, Moravia, Rockport
Leavens, Edward c1856-1878 Cortland, Elmira, Homer, Watkins Glen
LeClear, Thomas 19th C. 1818 -1882, CNY;, Rochester
Lefler, Harry 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Lewis, Allen 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Lindler, Norman 19th-20th C., CNY, Rochester
Loamans, Alexander F. th C. 1854, CNY; France; Canada ?, Auburn
Lockart, William J. 1846-1881, CNY, Rochester
Long, Walter 20th C., CNY; Monhegan Island, Auburn
Loomis, Chester 1852 – 1924, Born Syracuse; Englewood NJ, Englewood
Lush, Marjorie 20th C., CNY, Rochester

MacCameron, Robert Lee 1866-1912, CNY; NYC; Europe, Rochester
MacNamee, Verda Caldwell 1892-1976, Ithaca; Florida
Madalena, Batiste F. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Mahoney, James Owen 1907 – 1987, Ithaca, Texas, Rome Italy
Maine, Henry C. 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Maloney, Gerald 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Mann, William H. CNY, Syracuse
Manners, Morton 19th C. Auburn, Rochester
Markham, Marion E. CNY, Syracuse
Marlatt, Wilson 1837 – 1911, CNY, Rochester
Marlatt, H. Irving 1860 – 1929, CNY, Rochester; Mt. Vernon
Marshall, A. G. 19th C., CNY, Canandaguia
Marsielje, Arthur R. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Mason, Roy M. 1886 – 1972, CNY, Rochester; Batavia
Mathews, George H. 1834 Utica -, CNY, Auburn
Mathies, John Lee Douglas 19th C. (early – mid), CNY, Canandaguia; Rochester
Matson, R. Thomas 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Matteson, Thompkins Harrison 1813 -1884, CNY; NYC, Sherburne; Auburn; NY City
Maxfield, J.E. CNY, Syracuse
Maybee, Eli D. 19-20C France, Syracuse; Paris
McCarthy, Clarence J. 1887 – 1953, CNY, Rochester
McConnell, Mary 1917, CNY, Rochester
McCord, George Herbert 1849-1909, NYC; CNY, NYC
McEnery Cunningham, Kathleen,1885-1971, Rochester, NYC
McMaster, William E. 1823 – 1860+, CNY; NYC, Auburn; Syracuse; Ithaca
McLaughlin, William L. c1822 Rochester
McLean, Mrs. A.M. c1864-1874 Rochester
Meeker, Joseph Rusling 1827 – ?, CNY; NYC; Buff.; Ky.; Southern US, Auburn; Buffalo; NY City; St. Louis
Menihan, John C. 1908 – 1992, CNY, Rochester; Pittsford
Messerschmidt, Charles 19th -20th C., CNY, Rochester
Messner, Elmer R. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Meyvis, Amie (Alme Leon) 1877 -, CNY, E. Rochester
Midjo, Christian 20th C, CNY, Ithaca
Milbert, Jacques Gerard 19th C. early, CNY, Genesee Valley
Miller CNY, Syracuse
Miller, Roy 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Miller, William Rickarby 1818-1893, CNY; Erie Canal; NYC, Little Falls; NYC
Miller, John William 1832 – 1891, CNY, Rochester
Miner, Kenneth 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Mitchell, Thomas J. 1875-1940, CNY; Down East, Rochester; Rockport; Gloucester
Mitchell, J. Guernsey 1854 – 1921, CNY, France, Rochester; Paris
Moore, Arthur W. 1840-1913, CNY, Rochester
Moore, Cecil G. 1880-19??, Rochester, Ontario
Morris, Adelaide CNY, Syracuse, Jamesville
Morse, J.B. (Jonathan Bradley) 1834-1898, CNY; Mohawk River, Canajoharie, (Utica ?)
Moulthrope, R. 1913, CNY, Rochester
Mundy, Johnson Marchant 1831-1897, CNY Rochester
Mundy, Ethel Frances ? – 1964, CNY, Syracuse
Munson, Lou Ann 19th C., CNY, Auburn; Philadelphia
Murdock, Celia 19th C., CNY; Cayuga Co., Venice Cayuga Co.
Murphy, J. Francis 1853 – 1921, CNY; NYC, Born Oswego NY;

Nicoll, James Craig 1847-1918, NYC; Connecticut, NYC, Norwalk
North, Noah 1809 – 1880, CNY; Conn.; Ohio, Alexander; Albion; Mt. Morris; Darien
Novak, N. R. CNY, Syracuse
Noyes, Carrie Woodruff 19th C., CNY,

O’Mealia, Leo 20th C., CNY, Rochester
O’Toole, Cathal 1904-, Europe; US, Rochester
Oddie, Walter Mason 1808-1865, CNY; NYC,
Ogden, Mayme Lee 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Oldmixon, c 1831, CNY, Little Falls
Olmstead, Anna W. CNY, Syracuse
Ongley, William 1836 – 1890, Utica, Adirondacks, CNY

Page, John R. 1821 Elbridge -, CNY, Sennett; Auburn
Page, William 1811 -1885, CNY; NYC; NJ, Utica; Rochester; Albany; NY City
Palmer, William C. 1906-, CNY;France;USA, Clinton; Utica
Palmer, Randall c.1807 – 1845, CNY, Auburn; Rochester; Seneca Falls; Albany
Parrish, Stephen 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Parshall, De Witt 1864 – 1956, CNY (Wayne Co.); California, Lyons; Geneva (Studied at Hobart);
Parton, Arthur 1842-1914, NYC, NYC
Pattison, James William 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Pease, Alonzo 1830?-1890?, Oswego, Syracuse, Detroit
Peck, Sheldon 1797-1868, CNY; Vermont;Illinois, Jordan, N.Y.; Burlington; Chicago
Peet, Donald S. CNY, Syracuse
Perkins, Alfred 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Perrine, Van Dearing 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Perry, Glenn 1889-1939, CNY, Corning, Buffalo
Perry, H.G. (?) 19th C., CNY, Syracuse
Perry, Roland Hinton 1870-1941, CNY, Syracuse
Perry, J. Calvin CNY, Syracuse
Peters, Carl 1897 – 1980, CNY, Fairport, Rochester, Rockport MA
Petersen, Charles C. 19th – 20th C., CNY, Auburn; Geneva ?
Pfleiderer (?), Syracuse
Phares, M. A. CNY ?, Syracuse ?
Phelan, Linn 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Phillips, Ammi 1788 – 1865, Connecticut, Mass., Albany, Troy
Phillips, John 1822-1877 Rochester, Chicago
Phillips, Mary Anna 1863-1922 Canandaigua
Pierce, F. Keith 1908-1975 Canandaigua, Boston
Pierce, Thomas Mitchell CNY, Syracuse
Pierson, Elmer 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Plumb, Henry Grant 1847 – 1930, CNY, Syracuse, Sherburne
Pond, Theodore Hanford 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Porter, J. Erwin 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Powers, Asahel Lynde 1813-1843,CNY,Vemont
Prentice, Levi Wells 1851 – 1935, Syracuse; Adirondacks –Adirondack Museum;; Brooklyn; NYC
Pryor, Warrant 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Purdy, Albert J. c1850 Ithaca

Ralyea, Charles 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Ramsdell, Louisa M. c1861 Rochester
Ranger, Henry Ward 1858-1916, CNY; Conn.; NYC;, Syracuse; Old Lyme
Rankin, Minnie (Wyman) 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Raschen, Carl M. d. 1882, CNY, Rochester
Rathburn, Frank R. 19th C., CNY; Vermont, Auburn
Rawson, Albert Leighton 1829-1902, CNY, Vermont, Weedsport
Reed, William F. CNY, Syracuse
Ribble, Theodore c1850 Ithaca
Rice, Ettie L. 19th C., CNY; Finger Lakes, Watkins Glen
Rising, Charles P. 1859-1920, Auburn, Port Byron, CNY
Riter, Henry 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Robertson, F. E. 1878, CNY, Savannah; Syr.
Rockwell, Augusta CNY; Adirondacks, Syracuse
Romano, Anthony 20th C., CNY, Syracuse
Roosevelt, Samuel Montgomery 1863-1920, NYC;CNY, Skaneateles; NYC
Russell, Andrew J. 1830-1902, Nunda, CNY, NYC, US -West (Later a Photographer)
Ryder, Platt P. 1821-1896, NYC, NYC

Sacks, Walter Thomas, 1901 – ?, CNY; Mass; Me., Caledonia; Rochester; Rockport
Sager, Aaron CNY, Syracuse
Sarka, Charles 1879-1960, Adirondacks, NYC, Canada Lake, NYC, Canajoharie
Saunders, Aulus Ward 1904-, CNY, Syracuse, Oswego
Savage, Edward 1761-1817, CNY; NJ; Canada; Genesee Valley,
Schaettle, Louis 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Schwarz, William Tefft 1888 -, CNY (born Syr); Vermont, Syracuse; Burlington ?; Arlington
Scott, Anne Page 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Scott, Jeanette 1864 – 1937, CNY, Skaneateles; Syracuse
Scott, J. Alexander 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Seager, Miss; Sarah ? 1839 – 1840, CNY, Utica
Searle, Helen 19th C., CNY, Rochester
See, Ella E. Painting c. 1920, CNY, Rochester; Gloucester
Segal, Evelyn Buff 1915-2000, CNY Rochester
Segar, Aaron (?), CNY, Syracuse
Seymour, F. H., early 20th C., CNY, Auburn
Shattuck, Marjorie,, CNY, Syracuse
Shave, Rose Marie, 1848 – 1925, CNY; NYC; Paris, Nunda
Shaver, Vincent Payson 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Shaw, Walter 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Shepherd, J. Clinton
Sherwood, Mary Clare CNY, Syracuse
Sides, Mrs. Claude Emerson Rochester,
Siebert, Edward S. 1856 – 1944, CNY; Germany; Holland, Rochester; Munich
Sintzenich, Eugene 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Smith CNY, Syracuse
Smith, Albert L. 1862- 1932, CNY, Homer; Cortland
Smith, De Cost 1864 – 1939, CNY; NYC; Western US; Europe, Skaneateles; NY City; Paris
Smith, Dorothy 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Smith, E. Reuel 1829 – 1911, CNY; NYC, Skaneateles, NYC
Smith, Ellen J. c1864-1883 Rochester
Smith, Edna Weeks 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Smith, Emily L. c1860-1872, Rochester
Smith, F. Hopkinson 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Smith, Gean 1851-1928,CNY, Texas, Aurora
Smith, Robert c.1844-1877, CNY, Rochester
Smith, Virginia Jeffrey 1887-1987, CNY; Europe, Rochester
Smith, William Thompson Russell 1812-1897
Sommerville, James 1849-1905, CNY, Rochester
Son, Sarah, ?, CNY, Utica
Sonntag, William L. 1822-1900, NYC; CNY; HR, NYC
Sowerby, Frederick 1838, CNY; Rochester
Spangenberg, Clifford 1917-2001 Rochester, Penfield
Spencer, Frank Berry 1876-1959 Penn Yan, Canandaigua
Spencer, Frederick R. 1806 – 1875, CNY; NYC, Utica; New York City
Springfield, Anam c1864-1873 Rochester, NYC
Sprague, Elizabeth 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Stacey, J. George Capt. 1863-?, Geneva, Provincetown
Stahley, Joseph 1912, CNY, Rochester
Stanton, Phineas 1817 – 1867, CNY, LeRoy; Wyoming; NYC
Staudenmaier, Eve 19th-20th C., CNY?, Rochester
Steele, Daniel CNY, Aurelius; Rochester; Syracuse
Steele, Gordon CNY, Syracuse
Steele, A. Mid 19th C., CNY, Syracuse, Auburn; Rochester; NYC
Steiger, Harwood 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Stilson, J. 19th C., CNY; Genesee Valley,
Stone, Gertrude 19th C., CNY; Ohio, Auburn
Stone, Walter King 1875 – 1949, Rochester, Ithaca
Stowell, M. Louise 1861 – 1930, CNY, Rochester
Styles, D. 19th – 20th C., CNY, Fulton
Sully, Kate 19th C. (late), CNY, Rochester
Sunter, Harry J. c1850-1900, CNY; Auburn (1880’s); Skaneateles, Nantucket
Sutton, Howard 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Suydam Hiram Lloyd 1822-1898, CNY, Geneva, Canandaigua

Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam 1819-1905, CNY; NYC; Adirondacks, NYC;
Taylor, Ida 19th C., CNY, Rochester, LeRoy
Thayer, Sanford 1820 – 1888, CNY; NYC, Syracuse; NY City; Auburn; Skaneateles
Theim, Herman C. 19th – 20thC., CNY, Rochester
Theuerkauff, Carl Rudolph 1875-1926, CNY, Rochester
Thompson, A. W. 1840-1896, NYC; NJ, NYC
Tiffany, Louis C. 19th – 20th C., CNY; NYC, Rochester; Syr; Aub.
Tinsley, William CNY, Syracuse; Oneida
Titus, Lillian O. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Todd, Syracuse(?)
Trautmann, Fritz 1882-1971, CNY, Rochester
Trego, Jonathan K. 1817-? Rochester
Trimm, Lee S. 1879-, CNY, Syracuse
Trimm, George Lee 1912-, CNY, Syracuse
Trimm, Adon 1897-, CNY, Jamestown, Albany
Trump, Rachael Bulley 1890-, CNY, Syracuse
Tuthill, Abraham 1776 – 1843, CNYall over; & Vermont, Watertown; Utica; Rochester; Buffalo
Tuttle 19th C., CNY, Geneva
Twichell, Asa W. 1820- 1904, Hudson River; Capitol Region, Albany
Tyler, Bayard H. CNY, Syracuse
Tyler, James Gale 1855 – 1931, CNY; Great Lakes; Connecticut, Oswego; Greenwich Ct.

Ulp, Clifford McCormick 1885 – 1958, CNY, Rochester
Utley, William Lawrence 1813 – 1887, CNY; Ohio, Genesee County

Van Ingen, Henry 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Van Laer, Alexander T. (Theobald) 1857-1920, NYC;Conn, Skaneateles
van Zandt, Thomas Kerby 19th C., CNY; Hudson, Albany
Vance, Frederick T. 19th C., CNY; NJ, Geneseo
Vedder, Elihu 1836 – 1923, CNY; NYC; Italy, Schnectady; Sherburne; NYC; Rome
Vigus, Mary 19th C. Port Byron
Vinton, G. H. 19th C. CNY; Rt. 20,
Vogel, Israel 20th C., CNY, Rochester
von Der Lancken, Frank 1872-1950, CNY, Rochester

Wader, Charles Dickens 1849-1918, CNY, Finger Lakes, Canandaguia; Geneva; Willard
Wagner, Daniel 1802 – 1888, CNY, Norwich; Utica; Ithaca; Binghamton
Wagner, Maria Louisa 19th C., CNY, Norwich; Rochester;
Walker, Horatio 1858 – 1938, CNY; Canada, Quebec; Rochester
Walton, Henry CNY, Ithaca;
Ward, E. J. CNY, Syracuse
Wargny, Armand 1878-1947, CNY; NYC; Chicago; Canada, Elmira; NYC
Washburn, Kenneth L. 1904-, CNY, Ithaca
Waters, George W.1832-1912, CNY, Elmira
Waters, Susan C. 1823-1900, CNY; NJ
Weatherly, Newton 1844-1935, CNY, Geneva, Phelps
Webb, Thomas 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Webster, Ralph 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Wells, H. Emily (Mrs.) 20th C. (early), CNY, Rochester
Wells, Newton A. 1852 -, CNY; Illinois,
Wells, Ernest G. CNY, Syracuse
Wells, Henry 19th C., CNY, Auburn
Wenrich, John C. 1894-1970, CNY, Rochester
Wentworth, T. H. c1819 Rochester
West, Raphael Lamar 19th C., CNY, Rochester
White (?) Syracuse
Whitefield, Edwin 1816-1892, CNY, Rochester; other
Whitehorne, James R. 1803-1888 Rochester
Whitlock, William K. 1841 – 1917, CNY, & Ohio, Ithaca, Toledo
Whitney, Albertus (A.B.F.)- active 1830-1840 CNY, Chittenango, Manlius,
Wickwire, Jere CNY, NYC, Cortland; NY City; Albany
Wilbur, Ezra D. c1850-1896 Rochester
Wilbur, Isaac E. c.1829-1890 Rochester
Wilbur, Theodore c1855 Rochester
Wilcox, Frank W. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Wilcox, J. Brayton CNY, Syracuse(?)
Wiles, Lemuel Maynard 1826 – 1905, CNY; NYC; Panama; Calif.; Colorado, Perry; LeRoy; Utica; NY City
Wiles, Irving R. 1861-1948, CNY; NYC, Le Roy;
Will, Blanca 1881-1977, CNY; Europe; Maine; California, Rochester; Bluehill Falls Me.; Palo Alto
Willet, William and Anna Lee 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Williams, Dwight 1856-1932, CNY; Ireland, Cazenovia;Syracuse;Utica; Washington D.C.
Williams, D. 19th C., CNY, Utica
Williams, Anna 19th – 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Williamson, John 1826-1885, NYC; Hudson River, NYC
Willson, Charles 19th C., CNY, Rochester
Wilson, Latimer C. 1917, CNY, Rochester
Windeau, Fred, 1891-1974, Pittsford, Bushnells Basin, Victor, Bristol
Winter, Ezra 1886-1949, CNY, Rochester
Winter, J. 19th C., CNY, Syracuse
Wolfe, Mrs. Horace J. 20th C., CNY, Rochester
Wood, John Z. 1846 – 1919, CNY, Rochester
Wood, Aurilla CNY, Syracuse
Wood, Irene B. CNY, Syracuse
Wood, Jessie Porter 1863-, CNY; Washington DC, Syracuse,(born); D.C.
Wose Smith, Beatrice Ely 1908 -, CNY; NYC, Syracuse
Wright, Mrs. Mary, CNY, Syracuse; Amber
Wyman, Minnie Rankin 1871 – 1963, CNY; Auburn; Rochester

Yates, William Henry 1845 – 1934, CNY, Auburn; Union Springs; Syracuse
Yewell, George Henry 1830-1923, NYC; Europe;, NYC
Young, John T. 19th C., CNY, Rochester

Zeno (?) CNY, Syracuse
Zoute (Salter), Leon 1903-1976, CNY, North Rose

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