Art Conservation and Restoration

Note:  In North America the art conservation/art restoration profession is called “conservation” and in Europe, where the modern profession has its roots, the usual term is “restoration”.  The finest book on painting conservation, published in Europe, is called The Restoration of Paintings.

Not Just Another Fake Mona Lisa – NYT April 13, 2012

Seeing What Leonardo Saw – NYT April 14, 2012

Restoring a Leonardo – Work by Diane Dwyer Modestini

Studying and Conserving Paintings – Occasional Papers On The Samuel H. Kress Collection including a biography of Mario Modestini.

The Conservation Center – Institute of Fine Arts NYU

Buffalo State – University of the State of New York Art Conservation Program

The Restoration of Paintings by Knut Nicolaus

Conservation of Paintings: Research and Innovations by Gustav Berger and William Russell

Other Books on Restoration and Conservation of Paintings from Talas.

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